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Arenal's Authentic Organic Farming Experience & Night Walk


Arenal Organic Tours: A Natural Journey in La Fortuna

Discover the Essence of Costa Rica
Sustainable Farming at the Foot of Arenal Volcano 

About Arenal Organic Tours
Nestled just 25 minutes from the heart of La Fortuna, Arenal Organic Tours offers a unique journey through the lush landscapes of Costa Rica. Our family-owned farm tour is more than just a walk; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of organic farming and Costa Rican traditions.
Why Choose Us?
Organic Exploration: Discover how we cultivate fruits, vegetables, and legumes using organic methods. Our knowledgeable guides will walk you through our sustainable practices, ensuring you leave with a deeper appreciation for nature.
Culinary Delight: After exploring our farm, indulge in a hands-on cooking experience. Using freshly harvested organic ingredients, you’ll prepare a traditional Costa Rican dish, savoring the flavors of our land.
Nature’s Wonders: Our farm is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. From birdwatching to spotting sloths and medicinal plants, every step is a chance to connect with nature.
Traditional Experiences: Experience the age-old tradition of preparing sugarcane juice with a trapiche and wander amidst our banana plantations. Our farm is also home to cattle, buffalos, and horses, offering a glimpse into Costa Rican rural life.
Quality and Authenticity: Our tours are not just about sightseeing; they’re about experiences. As a family-run venture, we ensure every visitor receives personalized attention, making your visit memorable.


Voices of Our Guests

Hear directly from those who have experienced the magic of Arenal Organic Tours. Their stories and experiences reflect our commitment to delivering authentic and memorable tours. Discover what our guests have to say about their adventure with us in La Fortuna.

“Arenal Organic Tours was the highlight of my trip to Costa Rica! The deep dive into organic farming practices was both educational and inspiring. The hands-on cooking experience was a delightful bonus. I left with a full heart and stomach!”

Samantha J.


We thoroughly enjoyed this tour, it was interesting to learn about the crops / plants on the farm and how it is managed organically. We got to try some of the produce which was great and experience traditional methods to help make a Costa Rican snack with coffee – which was delicious! we highly recommend this tour.

Hazel Stanworth


“From the lush landscapes to the authentic Costa Rican cooking experience, Arenal Organic Tours offers a unique blend of nature and culture. The family-run touch is evident in every detail. It’s more than just a tour; it’s a journey into the heart of Costa Rica’s traditions.”

Isabella P.


Embark on a Night Walk through the Arenal Rainforest

Immerse yourself in the charm and mystery of the Arenal Rainforest with our exclusive Night Walk Tour. Our expert guides will accompany you from the start, providing directions to ensure your safety and comfort throughout this adventure.

Discover Unique Nightlife in the Heart of the Rainforest
As you venture into the shadows of the forest, be prepared to witness the wildlife that emerges in the darkness. Sloths glide from the trees, and frogs reveal their vibrant colors under the gentle glow of the moon. But that’s not all; experience the amazing phenomenon of bioluminescence illuminating the plants, creating a natural light show.

Revealing Secrets and Amazing Sounds

Our guides will share hidden secrets of the Arenal Rainforest, offering fascinating insights into the flora and fauna inhabiting the twilight. Listen to the immersive sounds of the jungle around you, from the soft murmur of streams to the song of nocturnal birds. Each step brings you closer to a unique sensory experience that awakens your senses in ways you never imagined.

An Unforgettable Adventure amidst Natural Wonders

Located just 25 minutes from La Fortuna, our Rainforest Night Walk promises an adventure like no other. Explore biodiversity observation points, nature trails, and encounter the natural wonders that make this rainforest truly special.

A Unique Nighttime Experience

Guaranteed to be an unparalleled adventure, our tour offers a glimpse into a world where marvelous things happen in the heart of the rainforest. Join us for an unforgettable night where every corner of the forest reveals its own secrets and wonders.

Prepare for a magical journey in the Arenal Rainforest, a place where adventure and nature converge to create an experience that will linger in your memories. Costa Rica, a country full of biodiversity, adds a unique touch to this experience.

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